Who is Evolven?

Framing problem we solve

  • Gartner says 85% of IT problems result from actual changes in your environment, mostly unanticipated or unapproved. 
  • Experience tells us that there is almost always a time between the time these changes occur and when the resulting problems manifest themselves.
  • Speaking to government auditors, we also know that the failure to document changes in the environment is the leading reason financial institutions fail their audits.
  • Existing AIOps/monitoring tools like APM do a great job in identifying symptoms, but by then, something has gone wrong. The same applies to log analytics platforms like Splunk. All of them are necessary but are only a part of effective MTTR and root cause. 

While we all recognise that unknown changes are the root cause of most stability issues, IT nonetheless struggles to identify what has actually changed. Evolven allows enterprises to track all actual changes that have occurred in their environment, using machine learning to detect and prioritise the riskiest ones. With Evolven, IT Operations, DevOps, and CloudOps teams experience fewer incidents, faster MTTR, and improved productivity.

When was Evolven established? 

Evolven has been in business for thirteen years. Our founders had developed IT management products for companies like Mercury Interactive for many years. They found that traditional tools that track symptoms, while essential, fail to isolate and provide early warning for IT problems. These problems are multiplying as we automate the way we develop and deploy applications.

How did Evolven and Kedron come together? 

Evolven and Kedron executives have worked together in the past providing innovative solutions for IT stability, compliance, and security.

What gap is Kedron filling for Evolven? 

Evolven required a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner to service our customers in the UK using our comprehensive change assurance and insurance platform in full production at enterprises like JPMC, Citibank, and Visa, huge scale.

What can Evolven bring to Kedron? 

Evolven brings Kedron’s customers the ability to leverage their existing monitoring and service management tools and the data they produce to address difficult challenges in the area of IT stability, compliance, and security. Evolven acts as the glue between their existing reactive monitoring tools, their service desk, and the products they use to develop new applications.

Products like DynaTrace, AppDynamics, ServiceNow, Remedy, Jenkins, and Splunk. Evolven uniquely provides early warning on both authorised and unauthorised changes that are causing 85% of their problems, and at the level of granularity that allows your personnel to address the issue. 

Evolven features native AI/ML embedded in our platform that accurately assesses the risk of all the actual changes we collect. We have been developing this for over six years and have 5 US patents in this area. 

“We have demanding clients with mission-critical challenges on multiple fronts, on any given day. They rely on Evolven and our people to help them win those battles.  We are gratified to have KedronUK, an experienced and trusted provider to be our representative in the UK.”Sasha Gilenson, CEO & Founder

“KedronUK are proud to become the Strategic Partner of Evolven in the UK. I believe Evolven’s unique approach to change management visibility, utilising their patented AI technology, will have a massive impact on the Operational and Security stability of our Customers and we look forward to sharing this unique technology with them.”Roland Stigwood, Managing Director at KedronUK

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Phil Simms

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