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Do your network, server and software teams work next to each other, but not together?

As we all know, IT issues are inevitable. When things do go wrong you need your teams to pull together rather than trying to avoid blame. The end user experience is what matters, which is why we zone in on service level delivery when it comes to recommending monitoring tools and ways to manage those tools.

  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Optimise capacity and stability
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Cost-effective, scalable support
  • Training when your teams need it

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Network Operations and Performance Management

When you’re dealing with a constantly changing landscape, you need network monitoring tools you can rely on. We can recommend the right tools for monitoring network operations and performance in large, complex environments.

Diagnosing and addressing network performance issues is key to good customer service and the smooth running of your business. Work with us to develop a dashboard that puts all the relevant information at your fingertips.

We can help if you:

  • Need a comprehensive view of your internal and customer networks
  • Want to track down issues, see operational trends and generate useful reports
  • Need to capture data from any source to get an overview of your whole estate
  • Want to be more proactive and prioritise work well

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Application Performance Management

Application performance is a business critical issue for plenty of enterprises today, with downtime and problems leading to lost revenue, high costs and bad user experiences. Plenty of vendors are vying to supply enterprises with APM solutions, and it’s very difficult to compare their offerings.

With multiple application types across mixed architectures, and various internal requirements on your part, a single view of your organisation’s app portfolio might sound like a pipe dream.

We can:

  • Explain what to monitor and why, and thresholds to set
  • Identify the right tools to monitor performance and user experience
  • Make sure you’re alert to issues before they affect the end user or customer
  • Provide customisable dashboards and reports

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IT Infrastructure Management

Networks and applications are easy targets for blame when it comes to faults and downtime. Of course, there’s much more to IT infrastructure management than that and you need a full view to carry out root cause analysis, leverage insights, and to plan for the future.

If you have visibility gaps in your capacity monitoring and planning, storage management or datacentre control, we can help. Integrating infrastructure data on your operational dashboards will be key in lifecycle management, as well as to planning and implementing upgrades and repairs. We help you to:

  • Visualise your infrastructure through multiple tiers
  • Work across complex hybrid and datacentre environments
  • Isolate problems and pinpoint potential issues before they occur
  • Gain better visibility and easily measure the impact of changes

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Your monitoring and management strategy has to take into account the ongoing development of your systems, infrastructure and applications.

Source code visibility correlated with application and infrastructure data makes it easy to identify problems fast and provide a seamless user experience. We can recommend and install monitoring tools that continuously and automatically align to change, so you’re able deploy better software, faster.

  • Understand end to end performance of every user request

  • High fidelity metrics for each component of your software stack

  • Monitoring tools that continuously and automatically align to change

  • Match the pace of continuous integration and continuous delivery

  • Stream granular data in real time

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