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KedronUK searched the market to provide their Customers with a solution that addressed the issue of change, end-to-end, causing major outages and security breaches.

We quickly realised that in order to address the challenges properly, our customers needed to understand the actual changes that have been made and not just what was intended. Our search for the right technology led to Evolven which we feel is unmatched in the market for addressing the challenge of actual change management and visibility.

Why Actual Change Analytics?

  • Gartner says 85% of IT problems result from actual changes in your environment, mostly unanticipated or unapproved.
  • Experience tells Evolven that there is almost always a time between the time these changes occur and when the resulting problems manifest themselves.
  • Speaking to government auditors, they also know that the failure to document changes in the environment is the leading reason financial institutions fail their audits.
  • Existing AIOps/monitoring tools like APM do a great job in identifying symptoms, but by then, something has gone wrong. The same applies to log analytics platforms like Splunk. All of them are necessary but are only a part of effective MTTR and root cause strategy.

Why Evolven

Evolven recognised that traditional tools that track symptoms, while essential, fail to isolate and provide early warning for IT problems. These problems are multiplying as we automate the way we develop and deploy applications.

The result is a comprehensive change assurance and insurance platform that is now in full production at leaders like JPMC, Citibank, and Visa, huge scale. Evolven uniquely provides early warning on both authorised and unauthorised changes that are causing 85% of your problems, and at the level of granularity that allows your personnel to address the issue.

  • Assurance – Evolven assure you that your releases conform to the plan identified in your tool and allow you far better results as you move code between your environments.
  • Insurance – Evolven ensure that you get the earliest warning on all changes and particularly high-risk changes.

Evolven acts as the glue between your existing reactive monitoring tools, your Service Desk, and the products you use to develop new applications. Products like DynaTrace, AppDynamics, ServiceNow, Remedy, Jenkins, and Splunk.

Evolven features native AI/ML embedded in their platform that accurately assesses the risk of all the actual changes they collect. Evolven have been developing this for over six years and have 5 US patents in this area.

Common Use Cases

The Evolven platform provides utility for many critical IT use cases including:


  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Early Detection of High-Risk Changes
  • Detection of Unauthorized Changes
  • Environment Consistency Analysis
  • Automated Risk Gateway for CI/CD
  • Deployment Validation
  • Drift Detection
  • CMDB Enrichment
  • Policy Monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Certificate Assurance
  • Configuration Assurance against “Golden Baseline”
  • Comparison of Production and DR
  • Inventory Analytics

Our Expertise

KedronUK is a strategic partner of Evolven in the UK, taking this unique technology to its customers and integrating with their existing APM, ITSM, Network and other 3rd party systems to ensure the end result is an automated, proactive and AI powered solution to the problem of change.

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