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Appgate brings together a set of differentiated cloud- and hybrid-ready security and analytics products and services. These include Appgate SDP, the industry’s leading Software-Defined Perimeter solution, capable of securing any application, on any platform, in any location; the Consumer Access suite of Risk-Based Authentication and Digital Threat Protection capabilities, and the company’s Immunity range of offense-oriented software and adversary simulation services.

Zero Trust starts with secure access. Appgate SDP is a leading Zero Trust Network Access solution that simplifies and strengthens access controls for all users, devices, and workloads. Appgate deliver secure access for complex and hybrid enterprises by thwarting complex threats, reducing costs, and boosting operational efficiency.

Appgate SDP complies with and extends beyond the three core principles of the Cloud Security Alliance’s SDP specification to deliver the industry’s only identity-centric, network-enforced perimeter.


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