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Infosim is headquartered in Wuerzburg Germany and is a leading global provider of automated Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance solutions for Telcos, ISPs, Managed Service Providers, and Corporations. Since 2003, Infosim has been developing and improving  StableNet for its Telco and Enterprise customers.

The StableNet Automated Network & Services Management platform combines Inventory, Configuration, Fault, and Performance Management and is built from the ground up to function cross-vendor, cross-silo, and cross-technology.  StableNet excels in:

Consolidation: (StableNet 4-in-1 Solution): provides an effective, easy-to-use platform for discovery & inventory, fault, performance, and configuration management within one unified data structure. By building all networking functionalities off of one data source and one code base, we are able to provide a holistic management platform upon which your unified network structure can be efficiently managed across silos, technologies and vendors.

Automation: Automation of repetitive tasks, along with the consolidation of functionalities, can lead to a significant reduction in costs (OPEX and CAPEX). While the two main functionalities of discovery (including fault and performance) and configuration derive benefits from automation on their own, synergistically they offer an ever-increasing spectrum of simplified and standardised workflow procedures.

Scalability: delivers a flexible framework that is scalable to any sized network. This not only accommodates rapid growth, but also the ability to handle connections from an ever-increasing array of IoT devices.

Customisation: enables high levels of flexibility and integration with a large variety of 3rd party systems (both on the South and Northbound interfaces). The capacity to customise data visualisation, dashboards and reporting enables the production of output in accordance with individual demands. Rather than having to tailor your workflow to a particular platform, with StableNet you can tailor your platform to work for you.

StableNet: One code base, one data source, one platform, and one GUI: for one holistic network & services management solution.


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We are Infosim’s key partner in the UK and a centre of technical excellence for their technology. Our engineers are fully certified and experienced in designing, delivering and supporting major projects in the UK and abroad using Infosim products.

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