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The Siemplify SOAR platform combines security orchestration, automation, and response with end-to-end security operations management to make analysts more productive, security engineers more effective, and managers more informed about the SOC. 

Utilising automatically grouped alerts from across your detection tools, reduces caseload by as much as 80%. 

Build customisable processes that automate everything from case enrichment to response with simple drag and drop. Leverage the rich library of included playbooks, orchestrate the tools you rely on with zero-coding, or create and enhance integrations using a built-in Python IDE.

Instantly understand and visualise the who/what/when of a security incident with the help of a patented contextual engine. Visualise the full threat storyline facing your SOC and drill down and pivot on related entities to make faster, better decisions.

Harness the full power of your team and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders for faster, more efficient incident response. All interaction is captured in a central, easily searchable and readily auditable repository.

Ingrain threat-intelligence into every step with an integrated threat-intelligence platform (TIP) and packaged use-cases that handle everything from alert enrichment to response.


Our Expertise

KedronUK centre their security proposition around Siemplify’s Security Orchestration and response capabilities.

This is in direct  response to their clients need to reduce the noise and deploy effective playbooks whilst integrating with their existing multi-vendor security stacks.

KedronUK is an expert at helping its customers modernise their SOC environment by building these integration and designing workflows that makes sense for unique Customer environments across Enterprise, Service Provider and Government Customers.

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