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KedronUK has partnered with Heimdal Security and can now offer customers a comprehensive suite of unified solutions covering every aspect of End Point focused cybersecurity to complement their existing network focused portfolio Heimdal Security’s capabilities include End Point Detection and Response (EDR), DNS security, vulnerability management, priviledged access management, preventation of email based threats and more. 


Heimdal Security offers simple, world-class solutions for unified, intelligent cybersecurity. An integrated cybersecurity suit is a robust blend of endpoint protection technologies as well as an ecosystem of tools and partners. All solutions within the suite as designed to seamlessly communicate with each other and can integrate with other security products customers may be using, including Microsoft Suite Products and other leading EDR and Anti-Virus vendors. Operating under the Heimdal Unified Dashboard, which provides fast and convenient data access for incisive reporting, the solutions are categorised according to their ability to help customers prevent, detect and response, comply and defend in relation to cybersecurity issues. 

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