Although the concept of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) has been with us for some time now, increases in digital adoption, remote working and mobile computing mean that ZTNA is now a hot topic amongst many of my enterprise customers.

A critical aspect of Zero Trust security is the elimination of the old rule to “trust, then verify” and replace it with “verify, then trust”.

Typically, one of the first steps my customers take on their zero-trust journey is to control user access with identity centric micro-perimeters, which requires an extensive verification of identity rather than a network-centric IP address.

However, with verification comes validation. The questions that I hear a lot of are “how can I verify that all of my users, devices, and systems are following the framework?” or “How do I know whether one of these controls is compromised?”

When our customers are asking these questions the Kedron answer is always Network Detection and Response (NDR).

NDR supports rapid investigation, internal visibility, intelligent response and enhanced threat detection across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments and can accelerate adoption of an effective Zero Trust framework by enhancing the IT visibility organisations need to get going.

Meaning you can continually monitor and safeguard network traffic, validate policy enforcement, and support enhanced collaboration between traditionally siloed teams.

The case for NDR is strengthened due to its capabilities in encrypted traffic flow capability as well as cloud-powered machine learning which can be used to baseline the “normal” behaviours of entities on the network and contextually identify anything suspicious.

As a provider of both ZTNA and NDR technologies KedronUK is able to demonstrate this complimentary value to customers who are planning the transition, so feel free to contact us at and I can show you exactly how this would work.

Phil Simms

Phil Simms

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