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Simplify Network & Security Operations with a Single Tool

Prevent network issues and breaches & respond to security threats with a single network traffic, performance and security analyser for your on-premise, datacenter, cloud or hybrid environment.

Network traffic analysis and monitoring

Utilize NetFlow/IPFIX to understand the traffic structure, bandwidth utilization, capacity, top talkers and all other important stats.

User experience monitoring

Troubleshoot and diagnose the performance of your network and applications no matter where they sit. Track the root cause, troubleshoot fast and prevent latency issues.

AI-driven threat detection solution

Cover the security gap between perimeter and endpoint. Leverage machine learning to detect hidden anomalies even in encrypted traffic.

Ransomware prevention and detection

With over 40 detection methods and more than 200 algorithms to analyse changes in network traffic and expose the malicious activity of unknown and insider threats operating in the network.

Our Expertise

We offer UK-based solution design, implementation and support services for the entire range of Flowmon products, within our proven project management process.

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