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Combining DBmarlin with INSTANA allows you to quickly and easily understand how the users experience and business processes are impacted by underlying database performance and how to improve things.

DBmarlin not only highlights the performance of your databases, but also captures ‘what’s changed’, providing both the context needed and root cause of problems and thus, the understanding of how to fix it.

Nowadays organisations depend on fast data to run their business effectively. 
● Often when applications run slow and user experience degrades, the bottleneck resides in the database● With ever increasing data volumes, hosted more disparately and the reliance of its timely delivery, efficiently scanning through vast amounts of data to find and return the rows required by the application can be a challenge

● Monitoring the performance of these databases is therefore vital – it is no longer just DBA’s who need this information

● DBmarlin delivers actionable database performance information in an easy to digest way that can be readily consumed by, not only DBA’s, but other application performance stakeholders, such as: Application Developers, DevOps Engineers, SRE Teams, Technical Architects, Data Scientists, IT managers and more. This alleviates the bottlenecks often seen with other teams waiting on DBA’s to investigate suspected database problems. Meaning they can commonly resolve issues themselves saving crucial time and money and keeping projects on track!

Why DBmarlin?
● Modern look & feel – provides a modern and consistent user interface across different database technologies that is easy to understand for experts and non-experts alike.

● One product for multi-databases – Provides an easy to use and consistent way to monitor MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 & CockroachDB whether self-hosted or in the cloud

● Database Performance – Captures SQL statement text and wait states so you can see exactly where the time is spent when executing SQL within your databases

● Database Changes – Auto-detects changes to schema objects, database parameters and explain plans so you can see their impact on performance. 

● It’s agile – you can combine information with your CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Liquibase and more

● Events – Allows you to register events such as code releases, or other important events, helping you diagnose the impact of changes against your databases

● Insights – Provides actionable insights and advice which lets you tune your database without the need to be an expert

● It’s easy to install and use – you can be up and running within minutes

● Supports modern ‘newSQL’ technology from CockroachDB – which has been spun out of Google to provide the most resilient distributed database available. Which as the name suggests is almost impossible to kill

Common Use Cases
● Development – helps spot database performance problems early, so they can be resolved quickly and when they are least expensive and disruptive to your business. DBmarlin is commonly deployed within CI/CD & DevOps environments, saving often lost time and money

● Performance testing – helps you compare performance before and after a change or migration, so you know if you are heading in the right direction and whether it’s safe to  release to production or not. This is equally effective when supporting Load Testing of applications, ensuring that any performance problems that do occur can be quickly diagnosed and fixes applied before retesting

● Production monitoring – watching database performance in real time and in great detail, so, should a problem occur, you will have the information you need to resolve it in a timely manner.


Our Expertise

KedronUK continually searches for innovative solutions to help customers avoid application performance problems during user journeys, as well as, at all stages of the development lifecycle. When we came across DBmarlin it jumped out as an ideal fit for identifying complex issues at the crucial data delivery level. It not only brings a modern perspective to database monitoring but works hand in glove with our INSTANA end-to-end application monitoring, which many customers already benefit from using.

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