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Loss of data and IP. Regulatory breaches. Costs incurred. Revenue lost. Reputational damage.
You know the repercussions.

Working with technology that’s quickly out of date and never-enough analysts, you’re expected to keep your organisation’s network and data safe.

Maybe you’ve invested in monitoring tools but are struggling to connect their reporting outputs. Maybe they’re identifying so many issues and non-issues that you’re missing real threats.
Even more worrying, maybe you don’t even realise you’re missing them.

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Technology Partners

Where should you be spending your cybersecurity budget? How can you make it work harder?

Our technical teams analyse your systems and infrastructure to identify risks, then advise what you should be monitoring and how in terms of network traffic, user behaviour, and compliance. We can then connect and visualise the data you’re gathering to help you separate the red flags from the false alarms.

Real-time analytics, combined with machine learning and AI, detect and contextualise anomalies. So you can get your priorities straight, automate solutions where you can and channel issues straight to the service desk when you can’t.

Network traffic analysis & behaviour anomaly detection

Cyber threats are continually evolving, but making sure you have the tools to track, isolate and understand what’s going on as soon as possible is an essential line of defence.

Our experience and expertise means we know which solutions will work best for monitoring and forensics of network traffic, even in complex environments where the access layer is not just computers or laptops but medical scanners or industrial robots.

These advanced tools gather data 24/7, 365 days a year, with different vendors using different data sources and analysing it in different ways. We help you connect and visualise this information on a single dashboard, overcoming the information overload challenge many organisations face.

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vulnerability assessment

Flaws, bugs and misconfigurations leave your network vulnerable to hacking and exploitation. Taking steps to minimise weaknesses that could be use against you helps secure your environment ahead of an attack.

Talk to us about tools to support the discovery and detection phase of vulnerability management across your IT infrastructure, including physical and virtual networks, operating systems, databases and web applications. Our scans look at patching, configuration and best practice to flag up any security hygiene concerns, a process that’s often the first step in gaining PCI compliance and Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Working with the security solutions you already have is always our starting point. We will help to address any concerns you have about vulnerabilities, tracking and recording threats, and providing a solution to automate and simplify these tasks.

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Siem & user behaviour analytics

Truly advanced threat detection, tracking and investigation these days relies more and more on AI and machine learning, but also depends on piecing together data from multiple sources and applications. Giving your security operations centre the means to separate the real threats from the false alarms results in better use of all of your resources.

To get an accurate bird’s eye view of your IT infrastructure, a security information and event management (SIEM) system is invaluable. We can recommend and install SIEM solutions which provide:

  • Centralised security event management
  • Correlation and normalisation for context and alerts
  • Sophisticated network behaviour analysis
  • Advanced artificial intelligence based on machine learning
  • Identification and response to suspicious behaviour or anomalies
  • Reporting of all ingested data
  • User behaviour analytics to pinpoint malicious activity

We can join these solutions up with your other sec ops activities in a single, unified dashboard. Talk to one of our team to find out how on 01782 752 369.

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