Who are Allegro Packets and when was the company established?

Allegro Packets was formed by Klaus Denger, a serial tech entrepreneur, in 2007. Based out of Leipzig Germany his mission was to provide affordable, fast and easy to use insights into Network issues. This led to a range of 4th generation Network Performance management solutions.

How did Allegro Packets and Kedron come together?

Kedron was identified as a Partner who could add to Allegro’s channel only focus, as previous experience of working together of management made a good fit. Kedron’s customer first ethos fitted perfectly with Allegros, who’s continued development of the solution is based on customer feedback. 90% of all development is done this way with regular user feedback days.

What gap is Kedron filling for Allegro Packets?

Kedron as a partner brings real benefit as a true Value-added reseller. Years of experience in the Network performance management field has lead to a wealth of expertise that could see the benefit of the Allegro range. From small portable solutions to large Enterprise installations Kedron has the staff and project management skills to ensure a successful deployment.

What can Allegro Packets bring to Kedron?

When the initial solution was created. The first pillar was performance. 3rd Generation systems captured all the packets, then extracted for analysis. This had two problems. The first is time to extract those packets, mining through all the captured packets, takes time. The second is capturing and storing all those packets require huge drive arrays. 4th generation Allegros overcome this by real time analysis that allows users to instant go to the issues. Packets of interest can then be stored. This leads to the second pillar affordability. Less storage = lower cost. Allegro’s bring performance management back to sensible budgets levels with superb ROI. The third pillar, ease of use, is from a simple intuitive L2-7 menu system with a top down view means issues can be found quickly and easily. Add the software is the same on a large data centre as it is for portables an easy hybrid monitoring and ad-hoc environment can be created, without learning two sets of software.

Phil Swainson, Head of Technology at KedronUK says: “We’ve found that customers managing enterprise networks are struggling to find a network performance management tool focused on packets that can handle the demands of high-speed, high-bandwidth networks, while not breaking the bank with excessive storage requirements. The unique way Allegro Packets solutions work means that network managers and IT Ops managers can get the information they need without having to search petabytes of data.”

To find out more about Allegro Packets, please Contact us or get in contact with our sales team through sales@kedronuk.com

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