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Upcoming Event – “Bridging the Gap: Managing and Protecting OT/IoT in the IT World”. (Event)
We’re hosting our latest #NoSalesPitch event “Bridging the Gap: Managing and Protecting OT/IoT in the IT World” at Clays Bar in London on Thursday 16th November. We will be showcasing some exciting technologies from our partners, but with no sales pitching! You will be free for some networking while being able to take advantage of a free bar, canapes, and the chance to join in on some virtual clay pigeon shooting.
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Reveal(x) Threat Briefing Helps Users Find Cisco IOS XE Vulnerability (Blog Post)
ExtraHop has released a new Threat Briefing in Reveal(x) that gives users visibility into a critical vulnerability in the Cisco IOS XE networking software. This vulnerability allows attackers to gain top-level administrative access to targeted networks. The Threat Briefing shows users how to run queries for vulnerable Cisco IOS devices receiving external traffic.
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Unlocking Network Performances Insights with TWAMP and StableNet: A Comprehensive Guide. (Blog Post)
In the world of networking, measuring and optimizing network performance is a critical task. Network engineers and operators rely on various tools and protocols to ensure their networks are running efficiently and meeting performance targets. One such protocol that has gained prominence in recent years is TWAMP, which stands for Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol. This blog post will delve into the world of TWAMP, exploring its significance, functionality, and how it empowers network professionals to maintain and enhance network performance.
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Keysight Technologies
The Cyber Security Shakeup Continues in 2024. (Blog Post)
Cyber threats and cybercrime show no signs of slowing. The growing risk makes it imperative that organisations constantly evaluate their security posture and take steps to harden their defences, protect internal networks, and secure data from the barrage of threats.
Find out more about what to expect in 2024 here.

Is That Smart Home Technology Secure? Here’s How You Can Find Out. (Blog Post)
Smart technology should never be treated differently than how we as consumers look at other products, like purchasing an automobile for example. In the case of automobiles, we search for the vehicle that meets our visual and performance expectations, but that will also keep us and our family safe. With that said, shouldn’t we also seek smart home technologies that are secure and protect our privacy?
Find out more here.

Allegro Packets
IT-Administrator Tests The Allegro 1000. (Blog Post)
IT-Administrator, a specialist magazine published by Heinemann Verlag, carried out an independent device test with the Allegro Network Multimeter. The focus was on the Allegro 1000, which was thoroughly tested by a network professional. Besides the basic features of the Allegro, the article looks at external storage options, integration modes, the GUI or performance areas such as insights into VoiP.
Read the full article here!

12 Best Vulnerability Management Systems & Tools 2023. (Blog Post)
Industry reports highlight the urgency: malicious actors can exploit a vulnerability within just 15 days of its discovery (CISA). The longer you wait, the larger the target on your back grows. Without proper vulnerability management tools, your business not only risks data breaches but also the loss of customer trust, and revenue, and potentially faces legal ramifications. But with so many options to choose from, which solutions truly stand out in 2023?
Read the full blog here.

DarkGate Loader Delivered via Microsoft Teams – How It Works, How To Mitigate It, and How Forescout Can Help. (Blog Post)
The threat intelligence data that Forescout Research – Vedere Labs curates comes from the millions of connected devices that we monitor, attacks we observe and dissect in our sandboxes, data relating to attacks that is traded on the Darknet, and from our Adversary Engagement Environment. We see a lot of data. One thing no cybersecurity researcher wants to see, however, is an attack on their own organization.

That’s exactly what happened on September 25, when Forescout was targeted in a highly tailored phishing attack abusing Microsoft Teams functionality to deliver the DarkGate Loader malware. Since many of us are cybersecurity professionals, and all employees receive regular training on how to spot phishing attempts, our Information Security team was able to quickly intervene.
Since then, Forescout has analysed the attack in detail. Discover out what they found here.

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