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Over the years, I have spoken to countless customers whose companies through both organic and acquisitional growth have been faced with the perfect storm of being given numerous management and reporting tools to monitor but without having the critical cross technology view of their infrastructures.

For almost twenty years Kedron have specialised in delivering world class single vision network and application monitoring, improving our customers performance simply via greater visibility in this case of their network devices, servers, applications, traffic and configuration.

I personally have worked for the last 5 years in the KedronUK Service Provider team with our flagship product StableNet which now supports many Global organisations including Major Telco’s, Government institutions, MSPs, etc.

As we have grown we have utilised our experience to become an expert visibility partner to major UK Service Providers, guaranteeing complete single source visibility to both encompass the ever-increasing number of new tools on the market and addressing other areas of IT by enhancing our own product portfolio in two ways:

1.     Selected collaboration with specialist vendors in this area

2.     Developed our own Single Framework for IT “Totuus”

So, whether it be Network, Applications, AIOps, your Security Platforms Servers, EoL and Vulnerabilities on-Prem or in the Cloud, we can take the information from multiple feeds, amalgamate and deliver a single view of IT service availability and performance across all types of hybrid platforms.

My mantra is simply: “If you can see it, you can do it” however conscious of staying current, relevant leading edge I would welcome your feedback on visibility, how you have addressed your visibility requirements and how do you guarantee visibility of performance across your hybrid infrastructures?

Phil Simms

Phil Simms

Account Executive

Aligning your technical and business requirements with the right network, application and security management solution.

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