Who are OpsRamp?

OpsRamp is an IT operations management software company whose SaaS platform is used by leading enterprise and service provider IT teams to monitor and manage their hybrid cloud and on-premise resources. The OpsRamp platform leverages AIOps and machine learning to deliver auto-discovery and monitoring of infrastructure, event and incident management, and automation and remediation. 

With OpsRamp, customers can achieve a single pane of glass through out-of-the-box integrations to popular third-party tools. OpsRamp investors include Sapphire Ventures, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

When was OpsRamp established?

OpsRamp was established in 2014.

How did OpsRamp and Kedron come together?

Kedron needed to respond to its customer growing requirement to connect IT operation data from hybrid enterprise environments to present in a meaningful way. Quickly. Kedron had tested 17 different vendors in their lab and performed a detailed score analysis against requirements driven by request from their customer base. OpsRamp was the resounding winner.

What gap is Kedron filling for OpsRamp?

As a trusted advisor of IT operations and monitoring tools for enterprises and service providers, Kedron can help expose customers to the operational efficiency, cost savings, and IT governance benefits that the OpsRamp platform can deliver, and in turn help drive market share in the UK market and abroad.

What can OpsRamp bring to Kedron?

The OpsRamp platform bolsters the Kedron portfolio of solutions by bringing full end-to-end visibility into infrastructure wherever it lives.  This makes the life of an IT operations or DevOps professional much simpler, with data at their fingertips to maintain great-performing websites, apps and processes. OpsRamp also powers the intelligent automation of incident management processes so teams are always tackling high-priority issues first.

OpsRamp solves common customer challenges such as tool overload, silos of monitoring data, slow time to resolution, high manual effort, exorbitant IT operations software costs, and inability to support new digital products and services for end customers. The end goal of OpsRamp is to give customers easy-to-use tools for delivering highly resilient and flexible infrastructure necessary for supporting business and organizational growth.

We are aggressively moving to support the AIOps needs of European enterprises where IT leaders want to deliver targeted value to their business counterparts through intelligent, automated IT operations. Kedron is a superb partner in that their team thoroughly appreciates the IT challenges of local businesses and have formed relationships with many of the region’s IT leaders.” George Bonser, VP of Sales, EMEA at OpsRamp

“We are excited about our strategic partnership with OpsRamp. It is the missing piece in our already very successful portfolio and allows us to respond to the challenges we are seeing in the market, which are too much data, too few people and complex hybrid infrastructures. The team at OpsRamp have been exceptional in enabling our team and we are already working on a number of successful projects. We look forward to working closely with them in the coming months and years.” – Roland Stigwood, Managing Director at KedronUK

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