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Allegro Packets.


KedronUK has partnered with Allegro Packets, providing customers with access to the most advanced and comprehensive packet-based network performance management tools on the market. The deal means KedronUK can now offer its customers a cost-effective solution for managing high-speed, high-bandwidth enterprise networks. The agreement will also allow KedronUK to offer its customers easily accessible and optionally portable solutions that help them to get the most out of their network investments. 

Phil Swainson, Head of Technology at KedronUK says: “We’ve found that customers managing enterprise networks are struggling to find a network performance management tool focused on packets that can handle the demands of high-speed, high-bandwidth networks, while not breaking the bank with excessive storage requirements. The unique way Allegro Packets solutions work means that network managers and IT Ops managers can get the information they need without having to search petabytes of data.”


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