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We partner with OpsRamp to centralise monitoring and management of IT infrastructure resources and alerts across customers’ hybrid ecosystems. Bringing together all infrastructure monitoring metrics, alerts, and management capabilities within one central tool provides enterprises IT teams with a transformative digital operations command center for simplifying IT operations, improving innovation and uptime, and reducing time and software costs.

The OpsRamp platform – powered by AIOps and machine learning – performs auto discovery and monitoring of infrastructure resource as soon as they join the network. It then maps your infrastructure resources to the applications that they support. Event correlation and automation capabilities allow IT teams to more rapidly identify root cause and automate the resolution of incidents before business is impacted.

To help simplify operations and improve performance across hybrid environments, we use OpsRamp’s SaaS-based platform to:

  • Centralise IT operations monitoring and management tasks across distributed ecosystems.
  • Integrate monitoring data and reduce the number of tools IT teams need to jump between.
  • Automate infrastructure resource discovery & incident resolution.
  • Map infrastructure resources to the business-critical applications they support.
  • Correlate incidents for rapid root cause identification. 
  • Integrate with ITSM and DevOps tools for improving collaboration, response time, and your ability to rapidly innovate.


Our Expertise

Following our careful selection of OpsRamp, our technical team have been fully trained to provide solution design, full scale delivery and high quality technical support of the OpsRamp technology.

This means we are able to assist customers from demonstration stage, through to POC and then finally integrating and configuring the software into their environments, to ensure rapid and powerful Return on Investment.

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