We would firstly like to wish a Happy New Year to all our customers and suppliers! Throughout this blog post, we have put together some of the latest industry insights from us and our vendors in KedronUK’s monthly Techbrief! This month we share with you information on Mastering Industrial Cybersecurity, The Four Layers of Antivirus Security, SOC Efficiency and much more. 

Celebrating a Year of Growth and Milestones. (Blog Post)
2023 was an exciting year for all of us at KedronUK. It was a year of growth, new partnerships, and exciting milestones that have helped to shape our company’s narrative. Throughout this blog, we reminisce on the past year, and share some key highlights from our 2023, which we look forward to continuing throughout 2024.
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2024 Preditctions: CISO Compensation, Job Market, and More. (Blog Post)
One thing that became clear in 2023, is that pressure on CISOs is rising. Beyond the normal everyday stresses of the role, CISOs now have to contend with the possibility of facing criminal charges for mishandling a cyber incident or misrepresenting their organisations cybersecurity posture. The prospect of being indicated over a cyberattack will have a variety of downstream effects this year. It will impact the hiring market for CISOs, affect their compensations, and change the culture around cyber whistleblowing.  
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The StableNet Annual Release Cycle. (Blog Post)
2023 has come to an end, so the StableNet 24 Annual Release is just around the corner. All of the improvements are in the final stages in order to get the best out of the new features and modules. Infosim would like to take this opportunity to give insight into the StableNet Annual Release Cycle and all the process that go on behind the scenes.
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Keysight Technologies
ATI – 2023 Year in Review. (Blog Post)
The Application and the Threat Intelligence team at Keysight strive to create application and security content that both reflects the modern internets realism as well as extreme versions of this that will be used to test systems in supercritical conditions. ATI released more security and application content in 2023 than in previous years while increasing the quality or complexity.
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Mastering Industrial Cybersecurity: The Significance of Combing Vulnerability Management with Detection and Response. (Blog Post)
In today’s digital era, where industries are increasingly reliant on advanced technologies, safeguarding critical infrastructure against cyber threats has become paramount. The convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) has ushered in new efficiencies but has also exposed vulnerabilities. This blog explores the pivotal role of Vulnerability Management and Detection and Response (VM/DR) in the realm of Industrial Cybersecurity.
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The Four Layers of Antivirus Security: A Comprehensive Overview. (Blog Post)
The antivirus software stands as a critical defence line against cyber-attacks. To fully understand how it operates, it’s vital to understand the found distinct layers of antivirus security. Each layer contributes to the detection and neutralisations of threats, ensuring a robust defence mechanism against various types of malware.
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SOC Efficency is the New Imperative. (Blog Post)
The Cybersecurity landscape is currently undergoing significant changes. Many organisations have followed the guidance of analysts by investing in top-of-the-line products and solutions. However, they are now facing unexpected challenges. These challenges include steep financial burdens, A lack of expected return on investment, and the persistent ability of hackers to breach their security defences. As a result of these issues companies are actively exploring strategies to regain control and enhance their security posture. One key initiative is to drive the modernisation of their Security Operations Centres (SOCs). 
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