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“Bridging the Gap: Managing and Protecting OT/IoT in the IT World”. (Event)
Last month, we hosted our last #NoSalesPitch event of 2023 “Bridging the Gap: Managing and Protecting OT/IoT in the IT World” at Clays Bar in London and it’s safe to say it was another successful event! We had insightful presentations from some of our valued vendors, Forescout, Keysight Technologies, Infosim and Totuus, followed by some fun virtual clay pigeon shooting, and food and drink on us. From speaking to attendees, the key takeaway from the afternoon was that gaining visibility into and securing OT/IoT is difficult for a wide variety of reasons, but there are innovative solutions to help bridge the gap.
You can view our event presentations here!

NDR Visibility Will Enable Zero Trust Transformation in 2024. (Blog Post)
As 2023 draws to a close, it’s a good time to consider how security leaders may need to shift their cyber strategies in the new year. One thing that’s certain: threat actors will continue trying their hardest to exploit any cyber weaknesses they can find, so ensuring your organisations cyber hygiene is in top form will remain critical. To the end, network visibility will be a crucial part of organisations transformational security plans in 2024. 
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Achieving Holistic Network Visibility with StableNet via 3rd-party Integration. (Blog Post)
A firms concrete understanding of what network visibility means depends on specific needs in accordance with your network scope, forcing many companies to use a mixture of tools. However, this can complicate data management and result in limited end-to-end visibility. The key to success for a deeper analysis is 3rd party integration into a single, unified platform solution. StableNet is a highly automated cross-vendor, -technology and -silo network and service management platform that combines configuration, fault and performance management as well as discovery and inventory on a single platform. In addition to a wide range of out-of-the-box network management functions, StableNet is able to seamlessly integrate 3rd party applications/technologies through open interfaces. Furthermore, StableNet offers you a high degree of flexibility and customisation through the integration of different data sources and intelligent data normalisation.
More information here.

Keysight Technologies
Mastering IP Management. (Blog Post)
In the intricate and high-pressure realm of integrated circuit (IC) design, IP reuse, whether it’s a basic component like matric multiplier and DSP to larger memory or wireless subsystem, is pivotal in accelerating design processes, minimising costs, and enabling the designers to focus on the differentiating components of the devices. To maximise the benefits of IP reuse, engineering teams may surprisingly find inspiration in the high-energy kitchens of restaurants. Both arenas share a common ground: the need for orchestration of a myriad of tools and resources, the relentless push against time constraints, and the quest to satisfy a clientele that demands nothing short of excellence.
Find out more about what to expect in 2024 here.

Rapid7 Introduces AI-Driven Cloud Anomaly Detection. (Blog Post)
Now available in early access for Rapid7 customers, Cloud Anomaly Detection helps security teams detect unknown threats in their cloud environments that traditional rule-based detections miss, and with more precision to avoid excess noise and false positives.

Detecting malicious activity in cloud environments poses a formidable challenge in cybersecurity due to the inherent speed and complexity of the cloud. Cloud infrastructure is dynamic, with constantly changing virtual assets, which make it hard to pinpoint and respond to threats effectively. The complexity of cloud configurations, the transient nature of assets, and the vast data generated can obscure malicious activities, necessitating advanced monitoring and analysis tools.
Find out more here.

Allegro Packets
Top 10 Use Cases. (Blog Post)
Is it the network, the server, the client, or the application? How can errors in the network be quickly detected and isolated – regardless of whether the event being analysed is current or in the past? What network performance statistics and metrics are displayed in what detail in the GUI? Here are Allegro Packets top 10 use cases to illustrate how and when Allegro Networks Multimeters can quickly identify network problems, performance bottlenecks, and packet loss.
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Patch Management Guide. (Blog Post)
Patch management involved distributing and applying updates to various endpoints, which is crucial in fixing software vulnerabilities or unforeseen system interactions. 60% of cyber incidents leading to covert data theft link to absent, misconfigured, or incompletely implemented patches.

This article serves as an introduction to patch management, and will walk you through a patch management guide discussing modern and evolving practices, the importance of early patching in reducing vulnerabilities, frameworks for patch management, issues in deployment and post-deployment, and how implementing an early path policy can reduce costs linked to cyberattacks.
Read the full blog here.

Hack the Building 2.0 Hospital – Training New Cybersecurity Talent. (Blog Post)
This year for the 13th year in a row, the healthcare idustry continues to experience the most expensive data breaches worldwide, at an average cost of nearly $11 million – double the cost for the next-highest industry, finance. That’s not surprising; ransomware attacks on hospitals and health systems are constantly in the news. Add to that the cybersecurity talent shortage, which is especially acute (pardon the pun) in the healthcase industry. Providing hands-on, specialised training for a new generation of skilled cybersecurity practitioners who understand the unique challenges of healthcare couldn’t be more timely.
Read the full blog post here.

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