Navigating the API Security Landscape: Insights from the Frontlines

Navigating the API Security Landscape: Insights from the Frontlines

Recently, I’ve been deeply entrenched discussing the complex and evolving landscape of API security with my enterprise and service providers customers. 

As we step into this era of unprecedented connectivity and digital interaction, API’s have taken the centre stage, becoming the backbone that powers the modern digital ecosystem. However, the spotlight is now shining on the critical need for API security, a concern that is shared by numerous large enterprises I’ve had the privilege of working with through KedronUK. 

In this article I wanted to share an overview of why this topic is so important: 

API’s: The Glue that Holds our Digital World Together

API’S (Application Programming Interfaces) play a pivotal role in bringing diverse applications together enabling them to communicate, share data, and seamlessly perform tasks. With the increasing reliance on API’s for essential interactions between people, businesses, and applications, ensuring their security has become paramount. 

The Rising Concern of API Security

Recently there have been a notable rise in cyber-attacks via API’s. This alarming trend has prompted business leaders to re-evaluate their priorities. It’s quite unbelievable to note that while over 90% of executives understand the mission-critical nature of API’s, many have not place API security at the forefront of their concerns. 

In discussions with various contributors, it’s clear that API security problems are not just theoretical worries – a staggering 94% of those I’ve engaged with have directly experienced these issues. the impact goes beyond anecdotes: more than half of the companies have been forced to delay the release of new API’s due to security concerns. Despite these pressing challenges, a mere 11% have a dedicated API security plan in place, encompassing specialised API testing protective measures. 

Empowering Businesses with KedronUK and Wib Fusion Discovery

As a consultant who has collaborated on several substantial projects to address these concerns, I feel KedronUK are able to provide a market-leading solution that resonates deeply with the enterprises I’ve worked with. KedronUK, in conjunction with the innovative Wib Fusion Discover software, provides a comprehensive answer to the growing API security dilemma. 

The essence of Fusion Discovery lies in it’s ability to grant enterprises unprecedented visibility across the entire API lifecycle. This advanced approach drastically reduces blind spots, cuts down on false positives, and bolsters an organisations resilience against potential API security vulnerabilities. 

Real-world Impact: Unveiling the Power of Fusion Discovery

A recent experience with a major international media company showcased the remarkable potential of Fusion Discovery. This company, much like others, grappled with a lack of insight into their sprawling API ecosystem. Through Fusion Discovery’s capabilities, we swiftly generated a comprehensive inventory of their API estate – spanning both on-premises and cloud deployments – within two hours. What’s more, the ongoing documentation ensured not only the present API integrity but also a guarantee of future-proof assurance. 

Conclusion: Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Digital Landscape

As we reflect on the intricate web of API’s that underpin our digital interactions, one truth becomes abundantly clear: the future is API-centric. 

Yet, this future demands a holistic approach that addresses the growing concerns of security.

As a consultant, working closely with KedronUK and the cutting-edge Fusion Discover solution, I’ve witnessed a transformation in how enterprises perceive and tackle API security challenges. 

The numbers don’t lie – the overwhelming instances of API security problems and the postponement of crucial API releases underscore the gravity of the situation. However, this is not a tale of despair; it’s a story of proactive adaptation and empowerment. 

With Fusion Discovery’s steadfast ability to illuminate the entire API landscape, we’re standing at the precipice of a new era in cybersecurity. This is an era where enterprises can take charge of their digital destiny, fortify their systems against potential vulnerabilities, and enable innovation without compromise. 

So, as we move forward into this API-driven world, let’s remember that every interaction, every data exchange, and every application we rely on is supported by API’s. The responsibility to secure this foundation lies with us, and the tools at our disposal, like Fusion Discovery, are paving the way for a secure and prosperous digital future. Let’s embrace this journey together, armed with knowledge, innovation, and unwavering commitment to a safer tomorrow. 

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Kirsty Jones

Kirsty Jones

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If you can see it, you can do it!

If you can see it, you can do it!

Calling all Operational Teams and Service Providers

Over the years, I have spoken to countless customers whose companies through both organic and acquisitional growth have been faced with the perfect storm of being given numerous management and reporting tools to monitor but without having the critical cross technology view of their infrastructures.

For almost twenty years Kedron have specialised in delivering world class single vision network and application monitoring, improving our customers performance simply via greater visibility in this case of their network devices, servers, applications, traffic and configuration.

I personally have worked for the last 5 years in the KedronUK Service Provider team with our flagship product StableNet which now supports many Global organisations including Major Telco’s, Government institutions, MSPs, etc.

As we have grown we have utilised our experience to become an expert visibility partner to major UK Service Providers, guaranteeing complete single source visibility to both encompass the ever-increasing number of new tools on the market and addressing other areas of IT by enhancing our own product portfolio in two ways:

1.     Selected collaboration with specialist vendors in this area

2.     Developed our own Single Framework for IT “Totuus”

So, whether it be Network, Applications, AIOps, your Security Platforms Servers, EoL and Vulnerabilities on-Prem or in the Cloud, we can take the information from multiple feeds, amalgamate and deliver a single view of IT service availability and performance across all types of hybrid platforms.

My mantra is simply: “If you can see it, you can do it” however conscious of staying current, relevant leading edge I would welcome your feedback on visibility, how you have addressed your visibility requirements and how do you guarantee visibility of performance across your hybrid infrastructures?

Phil Simms

Phil Simms

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