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Navigating the API security landscape: insights from the frontlines. (Blog Post)
As we step into this era of unprecedented connectivity and digital interaction, API’s have taken centre stage, becoming the backbone that powers the modern digital ecosystem. Strategic Account Manager at KedronUK, Kevin Toplass discusses in our latest blog post the growing concern he’s seen from a number of large enterprises on the critical need for API security.
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The role of Network Detection and Response in Zero Trust. (Blog Post)
Plans for zero trust implementation vary widely by sector. As employees continue to work from home, and others return to corporate offices with their own devices, it’s imperative for organisations to embrace zero trust security over traditional, perimeter-based security. This blog post discusses the role of network visibility and network detection and response (NDR) in zero trust.
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Network Audits made easy: Stay compliant and safe with StableNet. (Blog Post)
Network audit software can be instrumental to network operators of large, complex environments to ensure compliance and enhance security. A network and service management platform like StableNet® provides an ideal opportunity to consolidate a wide range of tasks, from discovery of your multi-vendor environment to automated root cause analysis. By combining all of this with end of life (EoL), vulnerabilities, and compliance and policy checking at regular intervals, you not only free up network operation resources but benefit from a holistic approach to network management with a single GUI that runs the entire gamut of tasks that you need.
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Keysight Technologies
Stay safe from the latest cyber threats! (Blog Post)
Constant changes happen in today’s digital world. New versions of applications, databases, middleware, and virtualisation technologies are being released regularly – at least once every 6-12 months. Patches and upgrades to operating systems and changes to anti-virus software are being released in weekly cycles rather than months. As DevOps gets adopted on a broader scale, changes to applications will be even more frequent. With agile methodologies being implemented, code rollouts can even happen every few days in production.
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Building an API-first security program – the why and how. (Whitepaper)
In today’s digital landscape, organizations increasingly rely on microservice architectures to enable faster development and deployment of their applications. APIs (application programming interfaces) play a crucial role in these architectures, enabling communication and data exchange between various services. As a result, APIs have become an attractive target for attackers who seek to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to valuable company resources.
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Introducing Active Risk. (Blog Post)
Cyber risk is increasing both in volume and velocity. Given the landscape of threats, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations, organisations, teams, and vulnerability analysts alike need better prioritisation mechanisms. That’s why Rapid7 have developed a new risk scoring methodology: Active Risk.
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Allegro Packets
Release 4.1 Allegro Packets. (Blog Post)
Allegro Packets is now providing network professionals with enhanced functionality with it’s new Release 4.1. The new release has new features and enhancements to offer customers extended capabilities to analyse their network data.
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12 benefits of Zero Trust for mid-sized businesses. (Blog Post)
Zero Trust security is evolving from “nice to have” to an absolute must for organisations everywhere. Fortunately, Zero Trust offers numerous advantages to companies of all sizes, including medium-sized ones. While achieving full implementation of Zero Trust for mid-sized businesses is a long-term goal, even adopting partial Zero Trust environments can help organisations of this size enhance their security posture and benefit in several other areas.
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Detect the most common Ransomware TTPs to prevent attacks. (Blog Post)
The recent high-profile cyberattack on MGM Resorts International, still under investigation, put ransomware back in the public spotlight. News reports and social media posts cited widespread issues with deactivated digital room keys locking guests out of their rooms; slot machines, ATMs and elevators taken offline; and websites taken down. The takeaway here is you must be ever vigilant in the face of less notorious ransomware attacks that occur every day. This blog provides information on how to detect the most common ransomware TTPs – so you can prevent attacks!
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