Throughout this blog post, we have put together some of the latest industry insights from us and our vendors in KedronUK’s monthly Techbrief! This month we share with you information on Disruptive Cyber Technology 2024, Cybersecurity platforms you should know about, and much more.

SOCial Cricket Event: Disruptive Cyber Tech 2024 (Blog Post)
Our first #NoSalesPitch event of 2024 saw the KedronUK team heading north into central Manchester. The No Sales Pitch format was a great success last year, with ten-minute presentations from five security vendors to keep things moving and interesting. With Sixes Manchester as the venue, there was the chance for networking over food and drink, along with some virtual cricket fun after the presentations had finished.
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Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack Represents Every CISO’s Worth Nightmare. (Blog Post)
The February 2024 ransomware attack on Change Healthcare is a perfect example of the kind of black swan cyber event that every CISO quietly dreads and prays will never happen: a devasting cyberattack that exposes the sensitive data of millions of customers, paralyzes and entire industry for weeks, and eats away at a company’s earnings for quarters and years to come.
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StableNet Innovation Lab – One Year of Open Innovation. (Blog Post)
With StableNet Innovation Lab, Infosim have created a driver for open innovation and given innovation management at Infosim a stronger structure and direction. The focus lies on the network Management market and their StableNet solution as well as on researching best practices and transferring them to real applications.

One year after the launch of the lab, a lot has changed and new additions have been added. In this blog post, Dr. David Hock gives an overview of the past year and an outlook on what to expect in 2024.
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Keysight Technologies
Decoding DNS Water Torture: Exploring DDoS Attack Patterns and Traffic Analysis. (Blog Post)
In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks act as powerful weapons used by attackers to disrupt online services and infrastructure. Among the multitude of DDoS attack methods, one method stands out for its cunning strategy and relentless impact is DNS Water Torture attacks.
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AI Trust Risk and Security Management: Why Tackle Them Now? (Blog Post)
In the evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI), keeping our customers secure and maintaining their trust is our top priority. As AI technologies integrate more deeply into our daily operations and services, they bring a set of unique challenges that demand a robust management strategy: The Black Box Strategy, Model Fragility, Easy Access, Staying Ahead of the Curve. The Black Box Dilemma, Model Fragility, Easy Access, Big Responsibility, Staying ahead of the Curve.

Our TRiSM (Trust, Risk, and Security Management) framework isn’t merely a component of our operations – it’s a foundational strategy that guides us in navigating the intricate landscape of AI with confidence and security.
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11 Cybersecurity Platforms You Should Know About (2024). (Blog Post)
There’s growing evidence that organisations are consolidating their cybersecurity tools. One survey found that 60% of companies are looking to reduce the number of point solutions they use. And it’s not just about saving money – the top driver was in fact about improving usability.

Cybersecurity platforms are meeting this demand. By bringing most – if not all – of your cybersecurity tools into one environment, you can consiltate your activities into one robust platform.

In this article, you’ll learn about 11 of the best cybersecurity platforms currently available.
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Beyond Bullet Holes: Unveiling Cybersecurity’s Hidden Risk Exposure. (Blog Post)
The art of risk assessment has long been a crucial element of military strategy and decision-making – and it remains critical to today’s best practices in cybersecurity defense. Abraham Wald, a mathematical genius, played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the understanding of hidden risk and exposure with his innovative work on aircraft survivability. During World War II, the US air force wanted effective methods to protect aircraft against enemy fire. Wald’s innovative approach stood out.

Wald’s ‘survivorship bias’ methodology offers a compelling analogy for today’s risk management. We need to think more strategically to gain a deeper understanding of risk – and not allow selective ‘success’ filters dissuade the mission. It’s time to accept there are hidden risks from limited visibility — and that hidden risks are a persistent threat to business and to human safety.
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