Throughout this blog post, we have put together some of the latest industry insights from us and our vendors in KedronUK’s monthly Techbrief! This month we share with you information on Cybersecurity Predictions, AI-Powered Cyberthreats, Data Security and much more.

Cybersecurity Trends to Look Out for in 2024. (Blog Post)
In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of cyber threats is paramount. As we enter 2024, the world of cyber security is poised for significant changes and challenges. In this blog post, we explore four key cybersecurity trends that are likely to shape the landscape in the coming year.
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Cybersecurity Predictions: Generative AI, Chat Services Will Assist with Sneak Attacks. (Blog Post)
In 2024, cybersecurity practitioners should watch out for three emerging tactics threat actors are likely to take to try to sneak up on organisations:

1. Attackers will increasingly turn to AI to write malware and phishing messages.
2. Threat actors will deploy rogue chat programs to deliver malicious code and steal data.
3. Attackers will target APIs in an effort to steal the data transmitted between applications.

A recent webinar from ExtraHop and Dark Reading featured a presentation about these three cybersecurity trends. For the highlights from the webinar, read the full blog post here.

StableNet® 24 Release! (Blog Post)
Get a full overview of key changes and improvements to the industry-leading Automated network & Service management solution StableNet®. From feature additions to module enhancements and critical security updates, StableNet® 24 has plenty to explore and excite, including an all-new solution suite!
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Keysight Technologies
10 Executive Predictions on How AI will Shape Technology in 2024. (Blog Post)
With the introduction of ChatGPT, Dall-e, and many other tools to the public, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hotly debated topic that will continue to dominate headlines throughout the decade. Engineers are integrating AI into technologies and reaping the benefits to enhance operations, extract and leverage intelligence, and drive organisation-wide benefits across industries.
In this article, Keysight’s executives weigh in with their predictions about how AI’s influence will strengthen and impact technologies across industries as we come into 2024.
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Building the Best SOC Takes Strategic Thinking. (Blog Post)
So, your security team is ready to scale up its security operations centre, or SOC, to better meet the security needs of your organisation. That’s great news. But there are some very important strategic questions that need to be answered if you want to build the most effective SOC you can and avoid some of the most common pitfalls teams of any size can encounter.
The Gartner® report SOC Model Guide, is an excellent resource for understanding how to ask the right questions regarding your security needs and what to do once those questions are answered.
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How to Complete an IT Risk Assessment (2024). (Blog Post)
In a perfect world, you’d have the resources to defend yourself against every possible cybersecurity threat and vulnerability. The reality, however, is that even the largest organisations have limited resources to dedicate to cybersecurity. An effective security strategy, therefore, needs to put managing risk at the heart of its approach.
That’s where IT risk assessments come in.
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The Road Ahead: What Awaits in the Era of AI-Powered Cyberthreats? (Blog Post)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly infiltrating the business world and our daily lives. While revolutionizing how – and how efficiently – work gets done, it also introduces a new set of cybersecurity challenges. In response to the evolving, AI-shaped threat landscape, I foresee organisations adopting robust countermeasures.
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The Importance of Data Security in Business. (Blog Post)
In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, data has ascended to an almost sacred status. The importance of making sure that data security in business is up to date is becoming one of the most important tasks an organisation can undertake. Data breaches, intrusions, and cyber threats aren’t just the bane of IT departments; they are notorious for impacting an entire organisation. From the cost of downtime to a loss of reputation and trust, having your data compromised can negatively impact organisations of all sizes.
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