We don’t have a magic wand to make everything better. We don’t have medical training or a vaccine in development. We don’t even have a sewing machine to whip up scrubs like some of the heroes out there.

What we do have is a very particular set of skills. 

Over recent weeks, our technical team have been putting their expertise to use to help IT departments across the UK who are battling hard to maintain vital networks and services while working from home themselves. Many have needed to make rapid changes to their infrastructure, a process that we have been able to make quicker and safer. 

With ongoing projects as well as new challenges arising from the global pandemic, we’ve continued to support clients including large NHS trusts, critical national infrastructure, and organisations in the financial services sector. 

One NHS trust was already aware of issues with their patient-facing IT services, which are obviously more important than ever at the moment. Part of our role was gathering and analysing critical data to get to the root cause of an issue involving multiple service providers.

We’ve deployed a security analytics solution for another large NHS trust in a project that was underway before the crisis hit. At a time when rapid changes are being made to infrastructure, it’s essential that those changes can be made safely and our health service protected from opportunistic criminals. The solution we’ve put in place applies AI and machine learning to all data traversing their network to keep security threats at bay.

One organisation we work with was experiencing a problem where, after a massive increase in the number of staff working remotely, many of these staff were unable to connect to the network. Our technical team was able to troubleshoot the issue using software the client already had in place to find and address the root cause. 

Another financial services sector client, to whom we’ve provided security solutions in the past, identified a performance issue. They were lacking critical visibility of the infrastructure being used by their home workers. We arranged a free extended trial of the software they needed, which we were also able to remotely install and configure on their behalf. 

We’re not saying all of this to blow our own trumpets or make a fast buck. Like many companies, we’ve found ourselves in the slightly awkward – but also positive – position where our expertise and the solutions we offer can actually help with real problems you’re facing right now. 

As a vendor-independent consultants, we know which software will give you the visibility you need in various complex environments, including Citrix and SAP. We know how to recommend tools that will integrate best with your existing set-up. We can offer support with remote configuration and installation, and even supply technical staff on-site if necessary. We are more than happy to apply our knowledge to help you get the most from the software you already have. 

Download our guide to getting visibility fast to find out more about some of the solutions we provide.

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Phil Simms

Phil Simms

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