Throughout this blog post, we have put together some of the latest industry insights from us and our vendors in KedronUK’s monthly Techbrief! This month we share with you information on Ransomware, Increasing Modularisations, Network Visualisation, and much more.

Streamlining Efficiency: A Dive into our Latest Automation Project (Blog Post)
Read our latest blog post from Phil Swainson where he explores how even seemingly ‘unbroken’ processes can benefit from automation, demonstrating the value of taking a proactive approach to innovation.

We find it hard to believe we are making over two decades of success in the ever-evolving IT industry, so we wanted to take a look back and share with our customers where it started, what has changed and where we think we will be going next!
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Ransomware is About to Get Worse. Much Worse. (Blog Post)
If your organisation got hit with ransomware, what would you do? Would you pay the ransom?

As ransomware attacks once again take centre stage in cybersecurity, more and more organisations are opting to pay the ransom: 91% of security and IT decision makers surveyed on behalf of ExtraHop say they made at least one ransom payment in 2023, up from 83% in 2022, according to the 2024 Global Cyber Confidence Index.
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The Importance of Increasing Modularisations StableNet® Development. (Blog Post)
Network management software is tasked with oversight of complex network infrastructures comprised of a wide array of vendors, technologies, and innovations. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, novel approaches to data visualisation, the proliferation of IoT, telemetry… the list of tasks for a truly holistic and integrative solution are daunting indeed.

In this blog post, we will explore the myriad benefits of modularisation, focusing on its ability to simplify updates, foster specialized expertise, and pave the way for a more adaptable and forward-thinking approach to our unchanging commitment: the never-ending improvement of StableNet®.
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Keysight Technologies
Five Surprising Benefits of Network Visualisation. (Blog Post)
In the dynamic world of modern technology—where the intricacies of network systems continue to evolve at a rapid pace—the role of network visualisation stands as a game-changer in unravelling the mysteries of network modelling. Network visualisation provides a real-time view of network traffic and resource utilisation and can be used to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and potential security vulnerabilities. Throughout this blog post Keysight delve into five surprising advantages that network visualisation brings to the realm of network modelling.
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The Business of Cybersecurity Owndership. (Blog Post)
Cyber ownership can often be overlooked or misunderstood within an organisation. Responsibility and accountability should not rest solely on the CISO’s shoulders. And while the IT department will also have a role to play, security responsibilities must be ingrained in the culture of the entire organisation. They should include each responsible asset owner, not forgetting that data is also an asset.
The more eyes there are on security within your business, the greater the ability of your cyber teams to strive for increasing levels of maturity and a stronger overall security posture.
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SharePoint Flaws Could Help Threat Actors Evade Detection Easier When Stealing Files. (Blog Post)
Two methods that researchers have found might allow attackers to get around audit logs or produce less serious entries when they download data from SharePoint. Due to the sensitivity of SharePoint data, a lot of businesses audit sensitive occurrences, such as data downloads, to set off alarms in security information and event management platforms (SIEMs), cloud access security solutions, and data loss prevention tools.

Two easy methods that users can employ to get around SharePoint’s audit logs or create less sensitive events by downloading data in a certain way or passing it off as data synchronization operations have been developed by security experts.
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The Global Threat Evolution of Internet-exposed OT/ICS. (Blog Post)
Operational technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are core parts of an engine fuelling critical infrastructure in industrialised nations worldwide. Water treatment facilities. Wastewater plants. Electrical transmission and distribution hubs. Nuclear power and manufacturing plants. Energy pipelines.

Over the years, these traditional technologies have become more connected and integrated to information systems that use the internet – opening them up for more efficient monitoring and automation of operational processes.
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Ransomware Prevention Best Practices. (Blog Post)
In an era that features constant cybersecurity threats that are increasingly complex and continually evolving, combating ransomware remains one of the most daunting challenges many organisations face. Though we understand that complete ransomware prevention is not possible, we are aware that having a well-executed list of best practices can significantly mitigate risks associated with a ransomware attack. Throughout this blog BullWall highlight some of the many different layers available to help your organisation avoid and mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack.
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