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We are a premium Exinda UK Reseller Partner, providing bandwidth optimisation, WAN acceleration, WAN compression and network optimisation tools.

Their WAN optimisation tool allows your organisation to gain visibility, manage bandwidth and accelerate WAN traffic, all within one appliance.

Why Exinda?

We recommend our partner Exinda to deliver unified application control and optimisation across WAN networks.

Even with large WAN bandwidth, you may still require more classes of service than QoS and MPLS providers can provide. Exinda allows you to develop sophisticated policies to suit your environment while applying optimisation (acceleration, caching) to relevant applications to deliver a complete solution.

Our Expertise

We are an official Gold Partner of Exinda, meaning we have certified engineers who are experienced in the delivery and support of this technology.

We offer free of charge, proof of concept installation so that the value and impact of Exinda on your network can be measured.

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